I'm a dreamer and continue to dream of what can and will be. 
Expecting great things from God; attempting great things for God.   
           William Carey, the father of modern missions
On Starting a $3.7m Capital Campaign.
Five years ago God called us, in no uncertain terms, to this work of "educating and inspiring servant leaders for Christ”, to flip the world upside down for his Kingdom.  It seemed like a grand calling.
But when we opened the school doors in 2012 with only 17 students in an old colonial era house and more or less bankrupt from the start, the whole idea seemed suddenly quite farfetched.  And yet by God's grace, Acacia not only survived these first years, it has thrived and in ways we could scarcely have imagined. 
It occurred to me at some point that if God is at work here, as he seems to be, and if this is God's calling on us, as I believe it is, then I sure hope that we don't diminish his work by the smallness of our dreams.
My prayer is that God would give us the courage to act as a faithful children in his service, carrying out his work with abundant expectations.
Today we have 244 students in kindergarten to eleventh grade, missionaries and Christians from all over the globe serving Christ in Kampala.  We are meeting in three single-family houses that have been remodeled into classrooms, offices, libraries and all the spaces of learning.  These houses work pretty well, consider they were built as houses but they are now very obviously bursting at the seams. 
Our hope is now to build a new $3.7 million K-12 campus.  You can well imagine how this kind of investment will help us better serve missionaries and others, extending God's kingdom in Kampala, leaving an asset which will be enjoyed for generations to come.
If God places on your heart a nagging and unshakable urge to give to Acacia, please don't ignore that.  You are welcome be part of this ministry with us.  If not, if you just want to watch and see what God does, please stay tuned!   If God is real and if God has called us here, let us enjoy his boundless grace together. 
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine, to him be the glory both now and forever.
Jason Carpenter
Head of School
In the Fund box select "Capital Improvement Fund" for your contribution.  Note that RCE takes 8% for credit card donations and 5% for checks as their admin charge.   
U.K. tax deductible on-line gifts can be sent through Stewardship.  You will need to set up an account through Stewardship.  Select to give to Acacia Education Services (Uganda).
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