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At the beginning of the 3rd Quarter (27 January 2021) we are requesting all students to resume in person classes on campus. Exceptions can be made for students with health conditions or who are out of the country. 


In an effort to provide transparency and clarity during our time of virtual learning, we have created this page to provide you with vital information regarding your student's learning. Please explore this page and do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance or have any questions.



Please click the Attendance button to view your student's attendance and classwork records. Records are listed by family number separated by grade. Contact reception if you do not know your family number. Please note that the attendance percentage on this sheet is for students marked "present" (green) or "excused" (blue). Student's mentioned for perfect attendance in the newsletter, however, are students that have maintained 100% "present" (green) attendance marks in a week's time. If your student is absent for any approved reason, please contact reception so they may inform teachers.

  • Senior School teachers will be recording attendance and work completed each of the four morning lessons. This sheet is updated frequently, but please allow time for our teachers to update their classwork records after due dates have passed. 
    • Present = Arriving on time to a lesson no more than 5 minutes after the start time.
    • Late = Arriving to a lesson between 5 and 30 minutes after start time.
    • Absent (unexcused) = Arriving to a lesson after 30 minutes or not at all
    • Excused = Student did not attend and a guardian has notified reception of the reason.





Please click the Merit Count button to view the merit count for online learning. You will see your student's total merits as well as how many new merits they received this week.

  • Merits are given for students that exhibit behaviour that is: Authentic, Creative, Active, Courageous, Independent and Appreciative.
  • Senior School teachers will be giving out 7-15 merits each week for the duration of online learning.

Merit Count





We want to ensure you receive the best support Acacia can offer you. As such, we are developing a series of training videos and resources to help you navigate our Google Classroom platform. We also hope to share with you some additional tools, websites and extensions we feel will best help your child in their virtual learning.

Movie, TV, Book, App and Game Reviews

This website includes expert reviews, objective advice, helpful tools, and much more to help protect families online.

Parent's Guide to Social Media use

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21 Apps Every Parent Should Know About

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Google Classroom Mobile App Training


Attendance and Merit Explanation

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