A Vision for the next Generation

We are in the process of building Kampala’s finest school. God has called us to reshape this nation by “educating and inspiring servant leaders for Christ”. After a much prayer and deliberation, in 2018 Acacia began a project to develop a new campus. With God's strength and wisdom, we aim to fundamentally upend education in Uganda, to train and disciple a generation of creative, conscientious and couragous leaders.


Master Plan 

Read the summary of the Master Plan of Lakeside for more information.  


Lakeside Update 

By God's Grace, over the last 3 years the school has been able to clear the $1, 024, 000 sticker price on our beautiful Lakeside Campus! A huge thank you to those who have faithfully prayed and supported us in this effort. We have a long way to go of course. We have a lot of earth work, tricky building permissions and other legal work ahead. There are several complicated road and boundary issues that we need to solve before building can begin. From the start we have said that this must be God's project, his worries, his timings, his provision. We look forward to the months ahead. 


"rooted and built up in Christ, strengthened in the faith as we were taught" Colossians 2:7



For additional information write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +256 771822215.   
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